Do you struggle with finding your highest contribution?

  • Can you articulate the game of life as well as your favorite sport?

  • Are you clear what your greatest contribution is?

  • Do you feel like you’re not getting out as much as you’re putting in?

  • Do you feel trapped?

The Freedom Unschool works for ambitious, Godly contributors





Husbands and wives

Mothers and fathers


Young adults

Toby & Shelly LaVigne - Guides and Outfitter for the NEXT American Dream

Toby LaVigne’s against the grain journey is powerful example of 4Cross in action.  He is a born fighter with a deep faith that fuels his passion, discipline, and vision to serve God and others.

His fierce commitment to uncovering a better way to partner, parent, lead, contribute, and believe has led to an impossibly long list of adventures, experiments, successes and failures. Four decades later, Toby has uncovered the art and science of true prosperity and freedom necessary to make a heavenly experience possible here on earth.

His mission is to share it with you!

Toby is also the CEO of CleanMark Labels where he and his team strive to practice their faith everyday.